The Club

The Society for the Overcoming of Gravity (VUESCH), is a not-for-profit organisation where people of all ages, abilities and requirements learn a wide range of circus techniques and train regularly to hone their skills. We offer courses, workshops and open practice sessions in the VUESCH training spaces. More than 300 people from Berlin and the surrounding areas train with us every week.

Over the years, we have developed into a lively circus group. Our activities include a wide-range of disciplines, such as aerial and ground acrobatics, tightrope walking, juggling and clownery. In addition, VUESCH forms an interface between circus arts and other performing arts. Examples include puppetry, music and modern dance. In recent years, we have become a crucible for experimentation in contemporary circus forms.

Members can pay a monthly fee of 18€ to join, which includes all free training sessions.


Under our roof you can find:

– Spaces for adults with courses, workshops and open training sessions.

– The youth and children’s centre incorporating ‘Zirkus Zack’ and ‘Circus Schatzinsel’. With weekly courses for children aged 4 and above, and youth classes up to the ages of 18. Themed classes and open circus sessions are available during school holidays, and much more!

The club is run voluntarily by 20 members give or take. Great emphasis is placed on mutual support and encouragement. The structure of the club facilitates joint training and cooperation, improvement consultation, as well as self-reliant work for the maintenance and development of the training rooms. In this respect VUESCH is unique in Berlin.
VUESCH also has spaces available at competitive prices for external projects such as theatre and circus groups, dance projects and exercise groups.